Who is AC Magalhães?

Hi! Welcome, everyone!

My name is Adriana Carroll Magalhães – long, I know. Thankfully not many people call me that. I’m a short, twenty-something girl with dark brown curly hair who lives in the sun-worshiping south.

I started this blog for so many reason, and I’m sure after reading my content you will figure some of them out. There are things about college, travel, books, life and even Disney! There’s probably a debatable amount of Disney posts, and I will not apologize! Take me as I am or leave me! ❤

I considered my self a social media junkie, I love social media – the internet, really – it keeps me up to date on what’s going on in the world and what new things I should try! More often than not you can find me on social media doing something that may or may not be productive. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, I say.

I’m really bad at spelling but I’m hoping my humor will deter anyone from noticing that. I like crying just as much as I like laughing and I think I can say I have fallen in “love” more times than I can count. I’ll tell you all the stories of them one day!

Something I’m going to push and push on this blog is the idea to “get out.” There is too much out there in the world for anyone to stay put, I hope I can inspire you the way that so many others have inspired me!

Get out and strait ahead everyone. The world waits.


AC Magalhães


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