The Strait Ahead?

What does that even mean?


Okay, well here is a history lesson little kiddos!

My last name comes from someone named Fernando de Magalhães, he was an explore from Portugal in the early 1500s. His expeditions – although he was not present for the end of it – is credited with discovering that the world was round!

There are many things named after him, one of the being “The Strait of Magellan.” Like, the path of Magellan, as in the path he took to circle the world. And I decided to name my blog after him and all the discoveries his voyage found!

I plan to make this blog part lifestyle and part travel. Those are two things I really love reading and learning and talking about. I hope you enjoy your time on my blog, and please leave me feedback! I like improving and changing, it helps the world go round. (see what I did there?)

As for the ‘ahead’ part of my title, I believe in always moving forward, always moving ahead. Often times we get caught up in the past, in events that have already passed. And while this isn’t a bad thing all the time – reflection is a very useful medicine – some people can’t tell when enough is enough.

That being said, I hope to always move forward on the path of my life and I hope I can help people find a way on their path.

Thank you for stoping by!


AC Magalhães


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